Dahab Sinai



The Culture


Dahab is one of the Red Sea´s oldest diving resorts and hosts some of the most spectacular and challenging dive sites in Egypt. Dahab - meaning “GOLD” in Arabic is located in the south of the Sinai, borders the Gulf of Aqaba, and is an hour’s drive through spectacular desert from the airport in the more commercial resort of Sharm el-Sheikh.

The vibe in Dahab is very different. The village is a small vibrant mix of cultures, populated with native Bedouins, Egyptians and many foreigners calling it home. Egyptian traders and shop keepers sell their crafts, food and wares to the growing number of holiday makers who are enjoying Dahab’s friendly, personal vibe.

The bars and cafes almost hover over the water of the bay, where there are plenty of places to eat and relax after a day at play round the pool or in the sea. If you feel like a party, there are a few lively bars in town worth a visit that can keep you up all night.

Dahab temperature varies from 21 C in winter to 39 C in summer which means that even in winter you can dive, snorkel and swim.
The water temperature is varying from 21 C in winter to around 29 C in summer and there is hardly ever any rain, as the Sinai has a desert climate.
The summer is hot and dry and you will hardly see any clouds, but the low humidity and the gentle Dahab breeze make the heat bearable. During the summer it is important to drink lots of water to avoid dehydration.
The winter months between December & March have a very mild climate, but the temperature at night can drop quite a bit and it might be windy, so it is essential to bring some warmer clothes even if you might not need them during the day.

Whilst in Dahab, you should take part in a traditional dinner in the Sinai Mountains. A Bedouin meal under the stars, with music and song is an unforgettable trip.

Reef 2000´s main aim is to ensure you dive, eat and sleep well and enjoy a superb holiday, whilst experiencing real culture that only the Sinai can offer. Dahab offers the chance to relax and experience the unique tranquility of the desert and the welcoming hospitality of the native Bedouin as well as the abundant and vibrant aquatic world of the Red Sea.

For countless years the Bedouin have been proud people with their own strict codes of conduct and hospitality. They contribute greatly to the laid back vibe and style that makes Dahab a unique resort, very different to the larger, more crowded dive destinations of Sharm and Hurgada.

Bedouin culture is still very much in evidence in Dahab. Here you walk side by side with the local Muzeina tribe.  Dahab’s charm revolves around this blend of local and western cultures and has a way of making everyone feel at home.


Historical background


The Red Sea was formed around 40 million years ago and takes its name from certain algae which form a red outer coating that turns the sea red during seasonal blooms. Watching a sunset in Dahab gives the impression that the surrounding mountains themselves create the reddish hue of the sea.
The Red Sea has no freshwater influents and the limited circulation with the Indian Ocean only just allows enough water volume compensation for evaporation. Thus we have a strong salinity percentage here compared to other seas, in fact amongst the highest on the planet.
Volcanic activity on the sea bed means that the Red Sea is also warmer than other seas. At 1km the Indian Ocean water temperature registers around 6-7 degrees. At the same depth the Red Sea reads an astonishing 21 degrees, the hottest on Earth.




This excursion is highly recommended for adventure seekers who crave excitement and should not be overlooked. It is a full-day trip that offers stunning views of the Sinai Desert, including the captivating Small Colored Canyon, White Canyon, Mushroom Rock, and Ein Khudra. This excursion offers excellent value for money and promises an unforgettable experience that you will not regret. Inclusions:

This tour package includes pick-up and drop-off services from your hotel, all transfers by air-conditioned 4x4 Jeep, an English-speaking guide, lunch during the trip, bottled water on board jeep, and Bedouin tea.

Not included in this tour package are extra drinks, any additional items not mentioned in theitinerary, and personal expenses.
The tour will start at 7:30 am from Dahab, where you will be driven by Jeep to the White Canyon. This stunning canyon is a striking example of eroded sandstone, and its floor is covered with white powdered sand. The path through the canyon winds through the desert plateaus and then narrows until it reaches the Ain Khudra oasis. This oasis is a beautiful location, home to Bedouin tribes for over a thousand years. You will have one hour for walking there. Next, you will visit the Ain Khudra Oasis and enjoy Bedouin tea. After that, you will drive for 40 minutes to see the Mushroom Rock, where you will spend about 20 minutes. Following that, you will have lunch in a Bedouin Village. After lunch, you will go on a one-hour walk through Salama Canyon. Finally, you will drive for 20 minutes to reach the Inscription Rock. The tour will conclude at 5:00 pm when you return to Sharm el-Sheik.
This tour package is available as a group tour for $70 or a private tour for $120.





This tour package includes pick-up and drop-off services from your hotel, all transfers by an air-conditioned vehicle, bottled water on board the vehicle, all service charges and taxes, entrance fees to St. Catherine National Park, and a Bedouin guide during the climb up the mountain.
The museum room ticket, any additional items not mentioned in the program, food, tipping, and the camel ride are not included in this tour package.
The tour will start at 11:00 pm in the evening, where you will be driven for 2 hours to the monastery and the mountain. At 1:00 am, you will start climbing the mountain with your guide. While waiting for sunrise, you can enjoy the beautiful sight of stars. The climb up the mountain takes 2 and a half hours each way. After the sunrise, you will descend the mountain to visit the St. Catherine monastery. The monastery is renowned as one of the most famous monasteries in the world, and it is one of the oldest Christian monasteries. It is located at a height of 1570 meters in the heart of the Sinai Peninsula, where Moses is said to have seen the bush on fire that did not burn up. The monastery is Orthodox and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It dates back to the 6th century during the reign of the emperor Justinian, and it was named St. Catherine in the 11th century in honor of St. Catherine, one of the earliest Christian martyrs from Alexandria. The monastery features several monuments, including the burning bush seen by Moses and the remarkable Icons Gallery.
Finally, you will return to your hotel in Dahab.
This tour package is available as a group tour for $40 per person or a private tour for $85 per person.







Discover the iconic Monastery of Saint Catherine, one of the world's most famous and oldest Christian monasteries, situated in the heart of the Sinai Peninsula. The monastery is an Orthodox site and is recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Explore the magnificent chapel, historic icons, ancient artwork, and monuments such as the burning bush that Moses saw. The half-day tour departs from Dahab at 8:00 am and returns at 14:00 pm.
To make the most of your trip, we offer pick-up and drop-off services from your hotel, transfers in an air-conditioned vehicle, and bottled water on board. All service charges, taxes, and entrance fees to St. Catherine National Park are included, along with a knowledgeable Bedouin guide. Please note that the museum room ticket, food, and tipping are not included in the program.
Prices for the tour are as follows:
● Group tour: $40 per person
Private tour: $65 per person
● If you are a group of 8 or more, please contact us for a special price.